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How Do I Take WheatGrass?

How Do I Take WheatGrass?

Our 100% organic blend of natural WheatGrass is better than fresh juiced. Here's why. Freshly squeezing wheatgrass is cumbersome, tricky and time consuming. You not only have to have an entire garden at your disposal, but you'll constantly have to watch out for moulds and mildews... not only on the plant, but in the mixing and juicing apparatus as well.

But not to worry! We have eliminated all those problems and now make it easy for you to gain all the benefits wheatgrass has to offer - without the hassles or the mess.

100% Organic WheatGrass Powder & Tablets

We organically grow our own wheatgrass, ensuring it's free from any pesticides or pollutants.

Harvested at the peak of its strength and vitality and then instantly converted into concentrated powder. Our tablets are exactly the same - except of course they are compressed beforehand into individual pills.

Nitrogen Flushed Glass Jars Ensure Freshness

But we do not stop there. Immediately after harvesting, our Organic WheatGrass is then bottled & packaged in nitrogen flushed glass jars - guaranteeing it is as fresh as humanly possible. Other producers use plastic containers, which can contaminate the wheatgrass due to "gas off" of the plastic itself.

Just Mix It with Water or Your Favorite Juice

Organic WheatGrass does have a rather grassy taste in its pure form. We suggest mixing it in water or in your favourite juice before swallowing. But many people actually like its natural tang! If so, just mix it, stir well and bottoms up!

WheatGrass tablets are handy when you are on the go and mixing powders just is not practical. You will still be getting the same WheatGrass benefits - but in an easier, more convenient form. But no matter which you choose (or both!) here is some important information: For maximum benefits - we highly suggest to take our Organic WheatGrass on an empty stomach 5 mornings a week.

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