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The Facts About Organic WheatGrass


Is Organic WheatGrass™ Truly Better?

Is our Organic WheatGrass any different from non-organic wheatgrass? Some manufactures would have you believe no, but here's the real story. Organic WheatGrass has many real & tangible benefits.

Chemical & Pesticide Free

First, our Organic WheatGrass is grown without chemical fertilizers. These fertilizers, many times derived from petroleum & waste products, often have an appalling lack of balanced essential nutrients. While plants may grow using these fertilizers, they too will exhibit the same nutrient imbalance.

Our Organic WheatGrass is grown in soil that has a full and natural complement of nutrients. Organic Wheatgrass is complete, because the soil it's grown in is complete. Another important difference with our Organic WheatGrass is the lack of pesticides. Let's be blunt, pesticides are poisons. Their entire purpose is to kill. These pesticides don't just magically disappear once their job is done. They remain not only on the plant, but absorbed into the plant as well.

If non-organic wheatgrass is consumed fresh squeezed, the problem is even greater. The pesticides become part and parcel of the juice.

Where does your WheatGrass™ come from?

Wheatgrass.ie are very proud to supply our customers with the same high-quality cereal grasses, grown in the same rich glacial soils of northeastern Kansas. Wheatgrass.ie utilizes over 3,000 acres of fertile Kansas land to supply the demand for our natural multivitamins. Our Wheatgrass tablets and powders are found in over 7,000 health food stores and distributed fresh in glass containers to another 25 countries. When buying wheatgrass here’s the most crucial point - beware of “no name” imports. These sellers are easily identified when they don’t have real people answerable to you, or real addresses. Over 75% of sellers of supplements cannot ever be contacted by phone and often hide behind faceless, offshore PO boxes.

You must ask why? Perhaps unlike Organic Wheatgrass from Wheatgrass.ie, it's because they can’t give you any assurances that their product is either organic or even pesticide free. You don’t even know if it is indeed wheatgrass you are consuming, or something else altogether.

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