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Slow Greying Hair

Slow Greying Hair

So young and yet so grey? It is a fact that many men and women are getting prematurely grey hair, making them appear older than their years. This might be a gift for some, but for the rest of us it’s a trend we’d like to stop!

A Natural Process

Greying hair is a natural process, gradually beginning near your temples and then onto the rest of your head. But with premature greying, the melanin (the color producing substance found in our hair) starts rapidly declining. These melanin molecules separate from each other – causing your hair to take on its grey appearance.

This premature graying can be caused by heredity, excessive or prolonged periods of stress, or other factors such as illness or nutrient deficiency reducing melanin production.

You may not be able to totally stop hair from premature greying, but you can slow down the entire process, or prevent it from getting worse by taking Organic WheatGrass!

Try it… and see the results for yourself.

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