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Glass vs Plastic

Glass VS Plastic

Wheatgrass is Wheatgrass - or so many people think. But nothing could be further from the truth. Here are the nasty little secrets many vendors don't want you finding out:

  • The wheatgrass you see in many containers or bags being offered is actually synthetic! Over processed, chemically altered and scrubbed with chemicals, those products are about as natural as margarine.
  • Other brands are neither organic nor pesticide free. Sprayed with toxins, poisons and chemical sprays from the moment they germinate, those contaminants don`t just magically disappear during processing. They become part of the plant and part of you.
  • You're actually paying more for less! While many of us may scrutinize ingredients, we tend to gloss over the portions and weights. Smaller tablets, smaller jars, smaller amounts... unsuspecting customers are simply throwing their money away on these cheap, bargain shelf brands!

But here's a huge difference almost no one even thinks about.. Plastics!

Take a look at almost every wheatgrass product and formulation, and you'll see they come in plastic packaging. So what’s the problem with that? It's called..


Most plastic containers are anything but inert, meaning they break down, leaching out hazardous gasses over time. Part of this process produces dangerous compounds like PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PET (polyethylene terephthalate), pthalates - and a host of other substances never meant for human consumption.

These gasses find their way from the containers into the wheatgrass powder or tablets, and then into your bodyl. You think you're taking a healthy, natural supplement, but in fact you're pouring test tube toxins into your system.

It doesn't matter if the wheatgrass is claimed to be organic -if it comes in plastic, it’s probably already tainted.

The Glass Jar Advantage

Glass VS Plastic

There is a way for avoiding these plastic gas-off hazards - it's called glass. Organic WheatGrass stored in glass containers remains untainted and free from these health damaging adulterations.

Our pure Organic WheatGrass is a living substance, so does it make sense to store it in containers made from coal tar and petro-chemicals? (Have you ever wondered why beer, wine and baby foods are almost never stored in plastic containers? The living substances would react with the chemicals - ruining the taste & the quality.)

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