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Chlorophyll To The Rescue!

Wheatgrass Powders

Chlorophyll To The Rescue!

Packing a 70% wallop of pure chlorophyll, this is one of WheatGrass™'s most important nutritional aspects. Chlorophyll is remarkably similar to our own red blood cells, and once inside the body − it carries the wheatgrass oxygen to every cell in the body. Nourishing them. Protecting them. Strengthening them.

Flush Those Toxins Out!

One of the biggest causes of chronic disease are heavy metals. Lead, strontium, mercury... just to name a few − these dangerous man-made pollutants poison the body from the inside out. Slowly doing their damage over years, the end result is wrecked health and aging before your time.

WheatGrass actually binds with these pollutants and toxins at a molecular level. Rendering them inactive − safely flushing them right out of your system.

You Will Actually Feel The Difference!

Remarkably, you will begin to notice the difference in just a few short weeks! People taking WheatGrass are simply amazed at the difference in how they feel. Just look at what Margaret Kavanagh had to say.

I was beginning to feel run down and irritable. My friend suggested I try Organic WheatGrass™. Over time I realized adding WheatGrass™ to my diet I had more energy and my concentration has much improved. I never seem to get a cold or flu now either. This stuff really works!

Colds & Flu Don't Stand A Chance

I was personally amazed when I started to notice that, after my morning drink of natural, Organic WheatGrass™ - colds and flu no longer had a hold on me! Before I was bound to get bit by the bug at least twice a year - Not even a sniffle since! WheatGrass™ really does keep the immune system running at peak efficiency.

Turbo-Charges Your Energy Levels!

Organic WheatGrass floods your energy reserves to overflowing! Feeling run-down, sluggish or lethargic? Start taking Organic WheatGrass - and burn those doldrums right out of your body! You'll not only feel invigorated - but actually rejuvenated!

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