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WheatGrass™ is one of the most nutrient dense, vitamin packed plants nature has to offer. WheatGrass™ is not the same thing as common wheat − only the name is similar. So there's no worry about yeast or gluten allergies or intolerances. Read more...

Turbo charge your energy levels

Organic WheatGrass floods your energy reserves to overflowing! Feeling run-down, sluggish or lethargic? Start taking WheatGrass™ - and burn those doldrums right out of your body. You'll not only feel invigorated - but actually rejuvenated.

Colds & flu don't stand a chance

When your immune system is low, colds and flu can break through your body's natural defences. Organic WheatGrass is the perfect way to stay protected and healthy the all-natural way! Read more...